23 Radio Stations Shut Down In Uganda Over Witchcraft

23 radio stations in Uganda have been shut down over claims by the authorities that they are promoting witchcraft.

According to the Observer, Uganda’s Communication Commission (UCC) has revoked licences of the stations for ‘promoting and advertising witchcraft content that aid and abet electronic fraud.’

 The commission’s spokesperson Pamela Ankunda stated that the 23 will remain off air until they show cause why they were breaching the law.

Ankunda added that they have been monitoring the stations and have evidence that they had contravened the law by ‘carrying misleading promotions on their airwaves.’

“We have recordings, it is not like we just woke up one day and said we’re going to revoke. We have recordings of these stations. We have teams that have been monitoring these stations,”said Ankunda.

A few radio stations were reportedly summoned last month and given ultimatums to stop hosting ‘purported witchcraft practitioners’ and airing recordings.

“At the hearing, audio recordings of con-men or purported witchcraft practitioners were played and the broadcasters tasked to explain their contents which are deemed as aiding and abetting electronic fraud contrary to section 19 and 21 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011,”

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