Fuse ODG Buses 200 Kids To Watch Epic Black Panther Movie At Silverbird

Awards-winning Ghanaian born-UK based musician, Fuse ODG has bused 200 pupils to watch the current reigning movie in the world, Black Panther.

According to Fuse, his musical career is not to enrich himself but to help the poor and vulnerable in the society.

The ‘Antenna’ hitmaker further revealed that he seeks help others make it in life. For this reason, he and his team built the ‘Wood Word Mission’ school for the less privileged in Akosombo.

Fuse ODG, does not only provide education for kids, he is also committed to harnessing the talents and creativity of his pupils.

“I just feel like as an artiste with the opportunity and blessings that I have, I need to use it to help other people. My purpose is not just to make music; it’s to help other people. And these kids are kids from a primary school that we built in Akosombo.” He told Joy News.

According to Fuse; “It’s a school that we built from scratch; we started in 2007. So it’s been a long time since we started building the school. It was way before my music actually blew up globally. So it’s a school that we started from the foundation so when my music blew up, I decided to contribute a lot more to it because I had the platform”

“And now, we’re working to raise money to build a secondary school so right now, it’s just a primary school,” he added.

Asked what motivated him to take as much as 200 kids from his school to Silverbird to watch the Black Panther movie, he said;

“It’s such a pleasure. To be able to bring them to Accra for them to watch an international movie that’s like the highest selling movie of all time is a blessing.”

He also added that; “Because it’s not just any movie, it’s a movie that promotes self-love and pride in our culture so it’s such a pleasure to see these kids enjoy it, they had a great time, and it’s an experience they’ll remember forever.”

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