Unapologetic: Kamene Goro Vows To Strut Ahead In Steamy Lingerie

Had Kamene Goro’s steamy lingerie collection passed without comments from ‘haters,’ that would have been a shocker. As expected it did not.

Working in collaboration with Double Dee’s, a lingerie outfit that caters to plus size women, the former Ebru TV news anchor posted photos that left team mafisi salivating and not everyone was happy.

 It did not escape the trolls who went ham on her for posting the photos that left very little to the imagination. Well, to each his own.

The beautiful media personality has struggled with body issues which she has grown to love.

‘’***MUST READ CAPTION*** I love that @doubledeeske picked me to go on this brilliant journey of self-love and discovery, because I have been confronted with the reality that is my body, and I love it! It’s really surprised the impact a little photo of a big girl in some really pretty underwear can have. How hateful some can be but how loving more of you are. So to those of you who caught such deep feelings about the last photo, here’s another one, Get mad!!! I told y’all, buckle up, It’s a Storm!!! #Fearless #Unapologetic.’’ She posted.

As she turned a year older a few weeks ago, she is all about being fearless and unapologetic.

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