“We Can Share The Man”- Barbie Jay’s Side Chick Says As Wife Gives Up ‘Fighting’, Goes Back To Live With Her Parents

Notable Ugandan musical artiste Buyinza Julius AKA Barbie Jay is in the news again. This time it is not for infidelity as usual, or being caught in the car doing naughty things; it is about the women in his life deciding or pronouncing how he is to be rationed.

Recently, Barbi Jay’s wife Nisha Mariam packed her belongings and returned to her parents. She stated that the relationship was not worth fighting for as Barbi Jay kept slipping back after reconciliation. 

“I can’t bear this anymore. A lot has been said (about the cheating scandals) but as a woman, I forgave him and I decided that we should return back as a family but it became a habit. He normally has s3x with these girls in his car”, she stated.

“I have decided to go back to my parents. I am not too old that I can’t find a man who will love me back and respect me. I have let him go, I will raise my kids”.

However, Rose Nankya, the alleged side chic has advised Nisha to keep her man. 

“I know Mariam felt bad like any other woman but her decision is childish. She should know that she is not the only girl. Other girls have to share with her. She should also know that Barbi Jay is an African man and African men always have more than one wife as long as they can take care of them. She should behave like a woman not a little girl”, she stated.


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