Mercy Aigbe’s Thoughts On Late Nigerian Singer, Alizee Will Educate You

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe obviously feels emotional and downcast at the news of the death of upcoming Nigerian singer, Alizee and she has penned a very tear-jerking note to the public.

In it, she bemourned the loss of a young life, an innocent child and the evil in the heart of men. She also advised women not to be comfortable staying in abusive relationships but to run for dear life.

Talking about it, she  wrote: “It’s a Shame how people allow the society to dictate for them!!!! It is your life! And trust me your life matters!….. Pls flee from an abusive relationship/marriage, no one has the right to physically abuse their partner regardless!!!!!….

Talkless of taking another person’s life 😡…. I am so pained with this story I saw online, Jesus!!!! Why will someone take the life of his wife and beautiful innocent child! Why 😥😥😥😥😥……
Pls if are reading this and you are in an abusive relationship/marriage pls run for your dear life before it’s too late! Let people say whatever they want to say, na dem get their mouth!!!!”

See her Instagram post below;

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